Hurdles in the Hunt for Talent
Four Challenges to Overcome

Kimberly Townsend

By Kimberly Townsend, Director of HR & Recruiting, TeamPeople

Recruiting top talent is an issue all organizations face (especially media and broadcast entities). With technology and the digital world evolving, it’s a struggle to keep up with everything, while still locating new talent. As hiring managers, our work becomes more involved with software updates, advances in industry equipment, the cloud and a plethora of social media websites that can make your head spin. Meanwhile, you are trying to find the best of the best employees before another company hires them.  

Managers need to find ways to get ahead of recruiting challenges so they can succeed in 2015. Here are a few challenges they must overcome to recruit top talent this year.  
1. Shortage of Skilled Recruiters
One challenge that prevents many industries (especially media) from finding top talent is a shortage of skilled recruiters. Top recruiters in our industry are able to spot a great story-telling producer. They know what a good motion graphics reel looks like, and they’re not afraid to ask a seasoned broadcast engineer about his or her knowledge of television production. They are able to identify personality traits that match a position, pick up on red flags and possess an impeccable sense of urgency. To overcome the challenge of not losing top recruiters that bring in key players, companies must retain their best recruiters, or they will need to spend more time training new recruiters on the industry and its various positions. Do you have time to help train recruiters?   

2. More Jobs, More Problems
Another challenge that is preventing managers from reaching top talent is the state of our economy. I know, our economy is improving, and that is a good thing, but it can make it challenging to find top talent. According to CNN, 2014 was the best year for U.S. job growth since 1999. In fact, more than 2.95 million jobs were created last year. More jobs means more candidates are employed. Not only has the pipeline of talent been minimized, but your top performers might consider leaving your company for another position. In 2014 there was an increase in turnover, and this increase is projected to be higher in 2015. Companies need to work even harder to provide more attractive career growth to their employees so they don’t lose them to another company or the competition.  It’s important to have a good retention plan that matches different skill sets and talent types. For millennials, the most powerful factors that they will be looking for are opportunities for promotion, job advancement and additional compensation. Companies will need to get creative in how they plan to keep their best people without relying solely on increases in compensation.

3. Keeping Up With Technology
Another challenge that managers will face in recruiting top talent is the need to use smarter recruiting strategies to find candidates. Simply posting a job online will not cut it, as the top talent that you desire will be employed and not actively looking for a job. Therefore, managers will need to use different recruiting or sourcing strategies that are outside of their comfort zone such as searching through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), scouring industry-related websites that focus on the position you are hiring for (Behance, ProductionHub, Motionographer, etc.), developing an effective employee referral program, engaging college alumni groups or reaching out to industry-specific organizations (InfoComm, CMMA, CTHRA, etc.) ... just to name a few. A generic job board may bring in the highest volume of applicants, but you are more likely to find a gem through other sources.

4. Not Enough Hours in the Day
You, as media and HR managers, have a ton on your plate. You may not have time to execute the search and then review resumes while keeping up with all of our other responsibilities. If recruiting is an area that your company struggles with, it might be best to outsource the process to a recruiting firm. Recruiting firms can be highly effective, and many are “market masters” in the areas and skills that your company seeks.

Getting over the hurdles and challenges to find or maintain key players for your organization isn’t going to be a piece of cake, but reading this article puts you one step ahead of your competitors. Happy Hunting!

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